Professional Practices

My Contacts

  • Perry Jones (Designer) 



  • Jaime Elyse (Designer)



  • Lisa Padovani (Costume Designer)


  • Leisa Balfour (Stylist/Designer)


  • Tiara Summers (Designer/Stylist) 

Phone:(562) 489-3207

  • Danyell Daniel’s (Designer)

Phone:(310) 800-0727


My Questions

Do you ofter any internship opportunities?

What type of skills do you recommend your intern to have?

What do you assign your interns to do?

How often do you chose your interns to permanently work for you?


Zine Theme

What is your topic, how will you execute? What is your set up plan?

My topic is on encouraging others through words, I will cut out words from magazines and create a collage with my slogan Be you, Be True, Be Beautiful. My plan is to make a sample to show in class to see if I am on there right path get feedback and apply feedback to final zine, I would like to photo copy the final zine on color and distribute them.

Assignment #2

  1. what is fashion? Expressing your characteristics through clothing.
  2. what is the future of fashion? A verity of clothing for women who silhouettes are more curved than others, within a more affordable price range. This is possible through recycling all types of fabric textiles.
  3. what inspires you? organic shapes and bright colors.


Course out come #1


I would like to know more about the fashion in Los Angeles as well as how to demonstrate and understand Los Angeles art. I would also like to gain more skills in fashion researching.

Fashion Designer #1

Alexander Wang (born December 26, 1983) is a Taiwanese American Fashion Designer and the former creative director of Balenciaga.


Wang is known for his urban designs. After designing a Fall 2008 collection using black as the predominant color, he designed his Spring 2009 collection using bright colors such as orange, dusty purple, aqua and hot pink.In the meantime he has reverted to using mainly black fabrics, and is often praised for exhibiting outstanding tailoring skills. On July 31, 2015, it was announced that Alexander Wang would leave Balenciaga.

Fashion Designer#2 Vera Wang

Wang was hired to be an editor at Vogue She has designed costumes for figure skaters, including Nancy Kerrigan, Michelle Kwan, Evan Lysacek. Silver medalist Nancy Kerrigan wore a unique design of Vera’s for the 1994 Olympics. She designed the uniforms worn by the Philadelphia cheerleaders.

Adobe Questions


-How do you add volume to models hair?

-How do you add texture to a dress? Ex: Fur, suede

-How do I turn up and down the lighting in the image ?


-What are the main tools that should be used for the fast production flats?

-How do you add flow and volume to a dress on the flat?

-how do you add lipstick and nails on the model.

-What should a tech pack include?